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Mike Hussain

Renowned restaurateur, Mike Hussain, founder of Ayesha Group, and “Godfather” of four successful authentic Indian restaurants in and around Miami, has exquisitely expanded his vision and versatility to fuse Indian and American cuisine, finessing Florida’s finest, most succulent seafood with flavorful spices of India.

After more than two decades in the United States, Chef Hussain has remained true to his western India roots through his highly successful South Florida restaurants, Ayesha Fine Dining Key Biscayne FLAyesha Fine Dining Pinecrest FL and Saffron@Grove. Chef Aman and Chef Dilip, both with Indian roots have conspired with Chef Hussain to showcase authentic Indian cuisine with a distinctly untraditional Florida flair!

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When two local, award-winning chefs have earned Bachelor degrees in Catering Technology from the best culinary school in Asia, Culinary Academy of India, you can expect the best Indian cuisine and flavors this side of the Atlantic!
Aman Kumarchanchu and Dilip Kumarmanadal, both from Hyberbad, India, have collaborated to showcase authentic Indian cuisine with a contemporary twist, and Florida flair.

Dilip and Aman won gold medal and bronze awards, respectively, at the Great Indian Culinary Challenge in 2014. Their common goal at Saffron at The Grove is to bring the native flavors of India to familiar Florida favorites as a way of introducing Indian cuisine to new generations and foodies of all ages!
Additionally, Saffron at The Grove has Miami’s first open display kitchen, which allows guests to observe the chefs’ preparation of delicious, India-inspired dishes.